Dr Van Tharp

I first read about Dr Tharp in about 2001. A good friend with over 15 years trading experience suggested I have a read. I said that Day Trading wasn't my bag particularly and he explained that it wasn't his either, but when a trader that started with around $10,000 and turned it into a  >$1,000,000 over 10 years says the best lessons he ever got were from this book, then you have to listen.

The book - Financial Freedom Through Electronic Day Trading - was quite heavy at first but I waded through it and by the end the penny dropped. I think Vans later books are easier to read and in particular -Trade Your Way To Financial freedom - should be a must in every traders library, preferably before they start trading.

In about 2005 I attended his 3 day - Develop a Winning Strategy that Fits You - training course in Sydney. It was a rare opportunity to see him and in a small group, each paying around A$3,000 to be there but it further consolidated my knowledge and belief in the simple but effective strategies of 'Money Management'.

The CFD Survival Guide incorporates many of his principals and ties them directly into CFDs but if you want further reading, then Vans work is a must.