Testimonials on the ‘CFD Survival Guide’

I’ve been investing for many years and decided to trade actively to capitalise on the more explosive movements, the opportunity for leverage and cheaper broker rates. At first I got lost in the maze of information and spiels from the different brokers. The CFD Survival Guide was a great investment saving my time and effort and refocussed the foundation of ‘trading’ skills that were necessary for the survival of my trading account. Bernie J. Sydney

My trading account has been up and down 100 times the investment you ask and I have tried several CFD providers and paid the learning price at each. I bought your CFD Survival Guide hoping to put in perspective where I was going wrong and Chapter One was enough for me to start thinking and improve. Thanks for your insight, wisdom and compassion to share. Peter Jensen, Berlin

The range of product available now is expansive but CFDs are just a tool to expand the potential of your existing trading method for CFDS in a SMSF account. I used to simply place $20,000 in each trade but have now learnt how to get the odds on my side and determine a method for profitability. You have made me tens of thousands of dollars already so I look forward to using the skills for the next 20 years. What an investment the Survival Guide turned out to be! Jimmy Kee. Hong Kong

Couldn’t agree more with your thoughts and views on trading through the guide. I built the CFDcalculator.com website to help traders understand their risk and to be educated CFD traders. You have taken it another step forward and I am proud to endorse the CFD Survival Guide on my site as one of the best CFD resources I have seen. Bradley – CFDcalculator.com

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