If you are into FX trading you will know how hard it is to develop a system that works over the different time frames, different announcement dates and is manageable. You can trafe FX through CFD providers and gain up to 100:1 leverage on a multitude of markets with very tight spreads.

Now I haven't used this program yet but it seems a lot of people have and talk highly of it. FX can be a great tool but is more for the experienced and requires a solid understanding of world influences. These guys say they have mapped it all and set up a trading program. Well I normaly treat these with a certain amount of scepticism but the better ones are sometimes worth a look and it comes with a guarantee so what the heck. At worst you might learn more about the method and create your own form the teachings.

They also say you can trade a demo account for free until you are convinced the system will work. 

Its an automated exchange trader program that watches the market for pre-determined formulae then buys for you. I intend trying it and just placing 10 small mini trades of $10,000 each and test it live on tight stops. If its as good as they say then its a great opportunity and takes away the problems of fx - having to be available at all hours to watch and protect positions around the world market open and announcement times. Allocate say $1,000 to trial, only buy mini positions and manage the stops so that your worst case scenario is losing your $1,000 and you will learn.

This is just for the fx people but it seems this product gets the biggest wrap so have a look.


Forex tracer system