Football Trading System


I first came across Football Trading through a trader on the north coast. He started selling a trading system for a friend, then had a fall out and the friend didn't want to pay him so he kept the system and refined it himself and had made many times his prior income from trading the system and had no time to promote it any more as he had a busy life with his kids and didn't need the money he said.

Well again there was a decent dose of scepticism but it wasn't long before he explained the money management, risk aversion and methodology and it sounded to me just like CFD pairs trading and whilst the football trading looks more like gambling, you add a methodolgy to get the odds more in your favour, you apply proven money management principles and personal trading discipline and it goes from gambling to trading. In fact this is similar also to spread betting so:

- If you have more of an interest in football than the financial markets

- If you feel you can stick to a method and system and not be lured by emotions and

- If you are willing to invest $77 to give it a try .. then this could be a great opportunity for you

Fully revised for 2008 season

Football trading System