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PureDeal Trading Platform from IG Markets

Simplicity is sometimes the key to trading. Having spent many years using various trading platforms and systems I think that some providers can over complicate. Traders can then find themselves focusing all their energies on learning the platform rather than trading itself. IG Markets seem to have solved this problem with PureDeal.


One of the more popular providers in CFDs and Spread betting, IG Markets, have launched a new trading platform entitled PureDeal to replace the platform that has been in operation since 2002.

PureDeal is web based and with regular testing seems to be constant and reliable. The platform can be accessed by most operating systems so Mac users can breathe a sigh of relief that a CFD provider has remembered them in the development. PDAs and smartphones can also gain access. Once logged in you are presented with a series of windows that are fully customisable to display watch lists, charts, news and analysis. New features of the platform include IG’s price improver and predictive search features to assist in finding your chosen market quickly and easily.

Range of Markets

IG markets do tend to pride themselves on their range of markets and we found the product list to be vast to say the least. PureDeal really is a multi product platform where traders can take a view on anything from thousands of Share CFDs to binary trades, all from the one account. Selecting a particular market to is simple and all current trades are available at a glance in the open positions window. All Share CFD prices regardless of exchange display level 1 data with other markets such as FX and Futures offered as a spread so market price slightly widened to cover dealing costs.

Other Features

  • Price improver – If a better price is available from the time you click to trade and the deal is executed, the system will give the client the better price.
  • Independent analysis – All clients receive up to date analysis direct from trading central free of charge.
  • One click trading – If you want to make a trade for most markets one click is all it takes so no chance of requotes.

Negatives of PureDeal

IG’s success tends to be in offering dealing services to a wide audience thus the trading platform needs to appeal to the masses. PureDeal will certainly gain praise for its simplicity and ease of use but some users may find it lacking in certain areas.  Being a web based platform means that developers have had to cram all the platform detail into one website and cannot offload some of the data to be downloaded and stored on the users computer like software trading platforms do making it a little more basic.


PureDeal’s pros seem to far outweigh its cons and the trading platform, over heavy use, has proved to be reliable and very easy to use. It really is a multi product system that serves a wide range of trading needs. Traders can find the range of markets almost limitless and the support offered by IG can really help when deciding on a new market to trade. If the platform doesn’t offer level 2 depth and course of sales it should really only be a minor complaint but if that is a necessity for some traders then IG can offer clients the software based platform L2 Dealer that offers less range but lots of detail for the active CFD trader.

For clients who require more information on Pure Deal and other IG Markets services, please click here