CFDs Education

Beware The New Kid On the Block

Have you heard about CFDs yet? If you are an active trader, it’s unlikely you have missed them – unless of course you are in the US, where the regulating authorities still have not acknowledged the arrival.

Everybody talks about the great leverage that you can get with CFDs, which means your profits are multiplied. What they do not mention is the downside, where the leverage can work against you if you pick losing trades. For the habitual loser, the CFD provides an excellent way to wipe out your account more quickly than with any other financial tool.

For those who are successful traders, however, the gearing available with CFDs can make realizing your profits much more attainable.

Introduction to CFDs

What is a CFD?

CFDs versus Spread Betting?

Why Trade CFDs?

Types of CFDs: DMA, Exchange Traded or Market Maker

Trading on Margin: Education


Benefits of CFD Trading

Trading Strategy: Pairs Trading

Six Ways of Getting Market Exposure

CFDs Trading Frequently Asked Questions

CFD Orders: Limit, Market, Stop Loss and Conditional Orders

Investment Strategies

Only Short-Term Investment Tools?

SIPPs and CFDs?

Downsides and Risks

What to Look in a CFD Broker

An Overview of IG Markets