Chapter listing

CFD Survival Guide – Chapter Listing

These are the chapter headings of the CFD Survival Guide and each topic is explained in detail. These are the MUST tools you need in order to survive. Some of them may sound simple but there are better ways to apply them and I go into this in each chapter. Ignore these at your own peril or just swipe the card and its all yours in a few minutes. If nothing else you need the bonus on choosing CFD providers.

Survival strategy #1

Know your journey and the outcomes expected

Survival strategy #2

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Know your portfolio leverage and stick within your chosen maximum range

Survival strategy #3

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Always have a stop loss

Survival strategy #4

Determine the portfolio leverage you want to risk and stick to it

Survival strategy #5

Start small and easy avoiding the volatile products

Survival strategy #6

Only trade with disposable money i.e. investable cash

Survival strategy #7

Manage your finance costs but they are secondary to most other things

Survival strategy #8

Look for relevant CFD providers that meet your needs, not theirs

Survival strategy #9

Live test the provider to your needs and confirm the accuracy of their data

Survival strategy #10

Know the product you are going to trade and if you can test it first

Survival strategy #11

Develop a method/ system and trade to it

Survival strategy #12

Keep accurate records and track your own progress

Survival strategy #13

Consider your position size relevance to the market conditions and turnover

Survival strategy #14

Manage risk through diversity

Survival strategy #15

Check your own psychology regularly and grow as fast as you possibly can

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1. “The questions you MUST ask to determine which CFD provider is best for you”

2. “A trading journal template”

3. “The 9 steps in defining your trading journey, trading outcomes and risk”

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