I first came across this site about a year ago and was impressed then by all the free tools, the calculators were spot on and he sure knows about online CFD trading so I was most impressed. Since then he has added a cool clock showing times in the major markets and has a host of good CFD links.

Armed with a trading methodology, the CFD Survival Guide, this calculator tool and an understanding of your provider order types and limitations, then you are prepared to go trading!


If you are looking to be more professional in your trading, manage your CFD risk and know exactly what your CFD leverage and position sizing is then go to this free site. Read through the 'Overviews' and the 'How to Use' links as well to get a quick education on the trading parameter.  


You can buy all 10 calculators bundled into an excel package so anyone can personalise them but most traders can get by with the free online versions.


Sign up on the link as well as he gets some great deals sent to him from the CFD providers and lets his mailing list know.